There is No STEEMIT Conspiracy Jason Goodman. I am NOT A Conspirator.

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There is No STEEMIT Conspiracy Jason Goodman. I am NOT A Conspirator.


Everyone loves a good conspiracy, especially me. However I am not a part of any conspiracy, nor is steemit some conspiracy.

I joined this platform to ensure my content would not be censored and to make a little money for my content creation and I have done so. There is no conspiracy about that. I have made a lot of steemit because of the time and effort I put into the platform. That's it, deal with it Jason. Also this post is for money to reimburse me for the cost of having to mail letters first class priority mail to defend myself against Jason's slander.

Anyone who puts the work into steemit can make decent money from the platform especially when SBD and STEEM is over $1 USD. It's not a ponzy scheme, go read the white paper which explains how it works.

My Official Response to being named a "conspirator" by Jason Goodman in a lawsuit by Robert David Steele...

The Below is My Official Affidavit Response:

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond Division)

Robert David Steele, et al., Plaintiff Vs. Jason Goodman, et al., Defendant
Case No.: 3:17-cv-00601-MHL


COMES NOW, _Dean Fougere (Titus Frost)_____, resident of __Plymouth____, County of __Plymouth_______, State of _Massachusetts______ and who makes this his/her statement and General Affidavit upon oath and affirmation of belief and personal knowledge that the following matters, facts and things set forth are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge:
I Dean Fougere swear or affirm:

  1. I am the content creator of the YouTube Channel, Steemit blog and twitter account in the pen name “Titus Frost”.

  2. I am a completely independent content creator, I have no contracts, agreements or understandings with anyone. The only person with creative control over my work is me.

  3. I am in no way a part of some conspiracy to do anything to anyone.

  4. My interaction with Jason Goodman started after he and an associate of his “Quinn Michaels” made a slanderous, completely erroneous hour long YouTube Video on February 22, 2018

in which Jason and Quinn defamed multiple people including attacking everyone who supports the idea that is a social movement known as “Anonymous”. I decided after watching this video (2/22/18) that I would respond to their claims in a video. In the 2/22/18 video, Jason claims Anonymous is a “conspiracy” to get people to view Child Pornography on the “deep web”. Statements by Jason about yet another “conspiracy” which he has no evidence. Jason’s source in the 2/22/18 video is “Quinn Michaels”. Quinn Michaels, aka Korey Atkin is, in my opinion, at best unreliable, which is proven by Jason’s own comments in this video posted November 29th, 2018

where Jason is destroying the credibility of his former guest and research assistant (Korey Atkin).

  1. At the beginning of this incident, I contacted Goodman by commenting and tweeting to his social media accounts (on Twitter, YouTube, etc.) my issues with this 2/22/18 video posted by Jason including the inaccuracies of Quinn Michaels. Goodman ignored the defamation in his video and never did a retraction. I waited two days before responding further.

  2. After two days with no retraction, completely on my own, with no direction from anyone (despite Jason’s erroneous claims in court docket number 78), I created a response video merely criticizing Goodman’s inaccuracies. I am responding to false claims by Jason Goodman and showing him how his type of reporting is defamatory and slanderous of many people. Video I made on February 24, 2018 in response to (what is my opinion) Goodman’s slander and defamation:

  1. In response to my video being published criticizing Jason Goodman, Jason then started a criminal harassment campaign against myself. Which is documented in a lawsuit D. Sweigart vs Jason Goodman, In the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Foley Square), Case 1:18-cv-08653-UA, court document number 46, pages 6-8.

  2. Jason Goodman decided to call me at my work place, during work hours, despite me posting multiple social media methods to contact me on every video. Jason and I discussed his claims about me in the unexpected phone call, during which I explained to Jason that I am not a racist anti-Semite (as accused by Jason).

  3. Jason then hung up and called my boss, and threatened my boss with information that the FBI would be investigating me, and that Jason was going to press charges against me. Jason did this to get me fired in my opinion, which he admits in later videos about me on his channel. This is criminal harassment in my opinion, there was no need to contact my employer just because I made a video criticizing Jason Goodman. If my father was not my boss, I would be out of a job just because Jason Goodman wanted to harass me for questioning him.

  4. I made a video on March 12, 2018

responding to Jason’s claims about me being a racist (I have two half African American children so I am not a racist at all). I criticized foreign influence over American Politicians and for this Jason has labeled me a racist anti-Semite. This is insulting to me and is far from the truth, and is a part of Jason’s attempt to silence my criticism of him, in my opinion.

  1. Jason Goodman has claimed and continues to claim in document number 78 of this lawsuit that I am working with other people to attack him. Which is unverifiable because it is factually inaccurate. I know of no such organization or group. I certainly know of no projects aimed at discrediting Jason Goodman.

  2. I do not know Robert David Steele, I have had ZERO communication with him. I am not familiar with any schemes or plots to work with operative of Robert David Steele.

  3. I vaguely know Manuel Chavez III “Defango”. Like my previous statement, I deny that Manual “Defango” and I are working together, nor do we even get along as evidenced in this recorded call that took place Nov 5, 2017 long before this Goodman situation:

  1. George Webb stated in this video at the 7 minute mark:

he was hired by Mossad (Israel Intelligence Agency), and Jason was working with him in their own words.

  1. There is no conspiracy that I am aware of involving Jason Goodman. I do not know of any organization that is plotting against Jason. I do not know of any goals or plans to discredit Jason.
    Further affiant saith not.


WITNESS my signature, this the _____ day of ________________, 20 ___.

Signature of Affiant

Mailed Copy was signed in Pen and mailed out 3/13/19 to the Courts, and all parties involved.

Thanks For Reading. Remember when it comes to your freedom of speech, it is always worth fighting for.

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Jason Goodman does not understand Steemit at all. I look forward to being in the courtroom when he tries to explain his theories to the Judge.

My own filing can be found here:


The video above titled "Hillary and McCabe's Goons are Closing In - Proof of Life From George Webb"

start at the 3:33 mark and listen on till 7:15 for the reveal.


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Interesting thanks Frank!


Classic claims with no evidence crap. Jason has no idea how to run a business anyways.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.51.18 AM.png


So ludicrous. Guy is literally off his rocker.




I’m just now arriving at the after party. This is MANIA AINIM #


Jason's interview with @aggroed was cringe. It was completely unprofessional, ignorant and aggressive. There are legitimate criticisms of Steem and @aggroed was honest about that but it doesn't equate to a money laundering scheme. You could say that about literally hundreds of crypto projects.
He's clueless about crypto and Steem but yet panders to "bitcoin-millionaires" for donations. Maybe that AI entity named "Tyler" could explain it to him?

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