Will Algeria win the AFCON 2019?

in #afcon2019last year

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In 2014, El Khadra, aka, The Greens, aka, The Fennecs, aka, Desert foxes, aka The
Desert Warriors, became the first african team to score 4 goals in a single game at the world cup. They have also made it to 4 world cup tournaments, making it to round of 16s in 2014.

Algeria is one of the best national teams in African football, making it to 18 AFCON competitions and being crowned champions once, on home soil.

The North Africans will be aiming to knick this one off their North African rival Egypt in their backyard. If they succeed, it will be a very thrilling triumph for the Algerian. But, it won't be just Egypt who stand in their way.

They come with a certain Riyard Mahrez too.

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