Aeternity Lisbon meetup

in #aeternity5 years ago (edited)

I will be hosting the first Aeternity aembassador meetup in Lisbon at the Block Cafe on Thursday, the 2nd of May. It's free and it's going to be awesome!

We start at 19.00pm.

Please register in advance, here:

The agenda:

  • What is Aeternity
  • Scalability via State channels
  • Oracles
  • Cuckoo Cycle PoW
  • Solidity vs Sophia smart contracts
  • Staying user-friendly

ae meetup cover.jpg


Hi Serejand long time no see you..
How are you?
Shame on me I just see your post right now... and I'm in freeday out of Lisbon! :/
Hope meetup will be a success ;)

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