Aeternity conference

in #aeternity5 years ago

The Aeternity team is organizing an awesome conference with an awesome Hæckathon along!

In short, this is the first global conference, that is dedicated exclusively to the development of Aeternity, technological progress and the health of the AE ecosystem!

I will be attending as a moderator of one of the tracks, so if anyone is going - will be happy to meet-up.

We are very much seeking for more teams wishing to participate in the Hæckathon.

The winners will get into the AE incubator and many other important rewards!

Both of the events are in Prague.

The Hæckathon is on the 14-15 of September, and the Conference is on the 20-21.





Hey, thanks a lot for spreading the word about #aeUni and for supporting! Have you joined the aeUni-dedicated Telegram group already? You'll get a tip for promoting the event ;)

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