Marketing Strategy of the Aergo Project

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Even the best technology requires promotion for it needs to be explained, plus it's necessary to conduct campaigns to attract new users and increase its usage level. This also applies to the Aergo project. As the environment is quite competitive, it's necessary to hold some community building activities and encourage developers to use the technology. Considering that competitors have entered the market earlier than Aergo, the project must outmove in order to catch up. 

To outperform competitors is not an easy task, especially when they have a several years advantage. Nevertheless, Aergo still stands out. Unlike its competitors, Aergo has customer work experience, 25 million people currently using its technology and excellent recommendations. The technology was used by Sumsung, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Shinhan Bank (the second largest bank in Korea). The Korean government also uses the project technology for its own regulated OTC-platform and voting. The project provides real production systems.  

In terms of business development, there are three communities that Aergo plans to focus on. The first one - decentralized applications developers. To promote enough motivation for supporting and financing teams, some incubation funds and projects are going to be created all around the world. Number 2 - open-source communities. They don't need funding, they're looking for good technology and innovative projects. 

Aergo will try its best to promote the open source philosophy and methodology (for developers to use this technology), as well as business development activities for clients. After all, companies need customers who would want to try out the proposed new technology. Willing to invest in such projects and their developers, Aergo is currently in search of those around the world. Aergo is looking for international developers and supporters who will not only use the technology but also explain it to other people.   


 Today there are two types of projects on the market. The first type is real hype projects provided with excellent marketing. They set specific dates, for example, for public sales, and, in some cases, exchanges, or let rumors about exchanges. They do have an accurate roadmap, yet it's not about developing, but rather demonstrating a plan for conducting public sales. It isn't a great idea, as such projects often get a lot of hype, although they are not focused on the most important thing which is developing technologies and find real ways to implement it. The latter type of projects, including Aergo, is a quite rare one.  

The current Aergo project's situation is as follows: A private financing round closed on July 20th. The team managed not only to achieve a financial goal, but also attract excellent funds that fully understand the blockchain market and are project's supporters.They're influential market figures from different geographic regions, and their support will help in Aergo promotion. The team promised to show the full roadmap in a short while. Meanwhile, Aergo has already announced and even launched some bounty program for project tokens distribution focusing mainly on active project supporters.   



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