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Open source software is a software with a source code that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance. However, this source code is usually the part of the software most computer users never see. This is because this code is the code programmers manipulate so that a software can work in a certain way. Programmers can always improve a program by adding or fixing its parts if they have access to the source code. Examples of open source software are Linux and LibreOffice .

Linux is an open source technology which has become the most important in today’s world. This because Linux is perhaps the most successful of all technologies since it thrived over every competition it faced. Today, Linux is the backbone of most of the world’s information technology systems, which includes Android OS and even the web.
There are enterprise companies that have implemented open source platforms like Linux in their businesses. Such enterprise-IT companies include Red Hat.


Phil Zamani the CEO of Aergo proposed that successful blockchain platforms in business-focused environments will follow the same path as Linux in business-focused environments in his recent article . Blocko is the firm which plans to adopt these technologies to bring about enterprise-IT consulting companies with focus also on technical support.


The Linux operating system is a perfect example of open source technology which Aergo will emulate all of Linux's open-source models . Open source software provides a platform for anyone with the basic required skills to alter or fix or contribute to the development of the software.
When it comes to copyright ownership, ownership can never go to those who edited the software but to the original designer. The open source license agreements ensure that no one can edit and resell any open source software. Open source technology encourages ease and flexibility. It is gradually pushing out other complex software. Open source technology is not free as so many people assumed. There are terms and conditions that comes with it.


The execution of any open source software project is a major part of the whole. If there are loopholes at the planning stage, the execution will have issues. For any open source software project like AERGO, to be successful it should not rely completely on the community for its testing. Because it's going to create more problems before it can be controlled. No open source software project should be released too early. A software that is released too early might have too many bugs which will deter users. You will have more users if you release an open source software with more quality.
At the execution stage of open source software like Aergo, feedback from the community will be very useful.


Adoption of open source technology will give public and private enterprise owners better control over the information technology their businesses are built on. There will be better accountability if blockchain adopts open source technology as Aergo intends to.
*Here are a few ways to adopt open source software by the public and private enterprise:
• Open source software like Open office and mozilla: open source software on which software programs like word processing, email, web browsing and spreadsheets can operate on. This software is usually used by non-profit staff members.
• Self-hosting of web, Email and Email lists.
• Shared web hosting.


The true open source mentality is a world where people prefer to be in control of source codes instead of the traditional closed source or proprietary software. This will encourage major factors like control, training, security, stability. Control, because anyone can access the source code of their enterprise to change or fix what they want to fix or change without relying on a special programmer. In the part of training, everyone and anyone can learn open source code, therefore, becoming better programmers. It's easy to learn and adopt open source software. Open source software encourages security and stability in the sense that programmers can easily update the information of their software without permission from anyone. Open source software is more stable because maintenance is easier without fear of losing information especially if anything happens to the first programmer.
Aergo project proposes to represent the true open source mentality.


Benefits of Aergo as Open source as stated in the picture above
It will enable trustless environments which data could become Trusted, Distributed and Shared. This means there will be no middleman.
Another interesting feature is enterprises solution and deployment blueprints to help ease the deployment of commercially viable dApps.
Other features could be

  • Customizability
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Privacy .
  • For more info on this great project visit

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