Aergo IT-technologies changes business world

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Recently many enterprises have heard information about the interesting Korean company Blocko. This company provides the modern blockchain infrastructure for business.

This company produced the special blockchain products which solves lots of economic question and problems of business operations.

The Blocko team created the project which received innovation technologies, the working protocol and the special ecosystem for users.

This new project “Aergo” will help enterprises and companies to face a new world of blochchain. “The new fuel for a new business world” – it is the main idea and logo for Aergo.

Aergo project concept

Aergo is an IT-platform on 4th generation blockchain that is created for business process automation. The project concept is the creation of a new blockchain era and the business reconfiguration all over the world.

Besides, the project solves the following problems:

  1. A system reliability and a network vulnerability;

  2. IT-integration difficulties in business processes;

  3. Software development challenges for business;

  4. A system scalability;

  5. A lack of integration between different parts of blockchain-protocols;

  6. Protecting Customers' Privacy;

  7. Transmissions rate;

  8. Uncertainties in transaction expenses.

Aergo suggests solutions of all these questions. The company has the working product – Coinstack. And the product is used by more than 25 million people. Also it has lots of technical innovations.

Therefore the project has advantages over other companies which used the 4th generation blockchain. Let’s look at the main technical aspects.

Aergo technical characteristics

The platform consists of three elements:

  1. CHAIN is a modern universal network for enterprises which includes of the AergoSQL mechanism for creating expand smart contracts;

  2. HUB is intended for connecting dApps and the previous part Aergo Chain. It is used for the system start and support. Also dApps has two ways for storage. The public storage is an open dApps source on blockchain, it is similar the GIT. The private storage has the powerful secure system, it’s like the Cloud for enterprises;

  3. MARKETPLACE is a store for buying dApps and services. Users can access them through the HUB.

The main technical innovations are focused in these elements. What are they?

  • Consensus algorithm – the system is used DPOS and other algorithms for choosing of the best which will be conformed for users’ requests.

  • The special smart-contract provides a compatibility with different operations;

  • Intellectual contract AergoSQL;

  • Concurrency and its control;

  • Others

The full information is in the link:

Users can access the technical innovations if they buy internal tokens.

Aergo Tokens and ICO details

The Aergo project token is an internal coin for operating in the ecosystem. All services are available also, among them different payment methods.

The token sale has already started. The seventh of October is the last date for the purchase. The main ICO features are:

  1. Token name: Aergo;

  2. Token standard: own blockchain;

  3. Total coin supply: 500 000 000;

  4. Available token for ICO: 150 000 000;

  5. The capitalization goal: 32 000 000 USD;

  6. Accepting value: ETH;

  7. KYC: necessary.

You can read the other conditions at the official groups. Look at the links below.

And few words in conclusion

The Aergo project is very attractive. There are the 4th generation blockchain, IT-technologies for business, intellectual work and the other functionality.

People believe in this project thanks to its professional team and products. Therefore it is rendered in the capitalization. 91% are received.

The following step is the roadmap. Well, then we should wait the beginning of 2019.

More information in links

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The good idia with a perspectuve future!! I buy the token!!

An interesting project, waiting for when it enters the market!

I will follow the project and for the news. I advise everyone to cooperate with this company and you will never regret that started to work with this project. Good luck!