Chasing after success? Make one

in advice •  5 months ago

Success is commonly stated to be the target most people long for, but it could be defined differently from different people. It could be as small as to install certain devices rightly and as big as to invent new things to serve the need of one nation or the world; some takes several hours to achieve, some months and some even years. Personally, I define the word ‘Success’ as the state of reaching a specific goal or satisfying the desire through certain effort. Talking about success, perhaps the most common question is, “What should I do to achieve success?” To my point of view, commitment is the most important point to achieve success. After setting up a clear goal, we have to work hard, and be patient. It is a good idea to constantly remind ourselves about our goal and monitor our attitudes toward it. At the same time, we have to be ready to face failure and start over. ![o-SECRETS-OF-SUCCESS-facebook.jpg]

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