The best advice is an example of

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A wise educator says that the best advice is to be an example. A life based on rights, law, justice, love, compassion and compassion, and a life of high moral values ​​is not an extraordinary thing but a normal family's way of life. The child should be able to see and live by seeing and experiencing this situation at home every day. If the mother is lying, dreading or keeping her promises, even if she is a spitegoer, the child embraces them if she speaks of hatred or jealousy.

If the father comes home with negative energy, he wants to say what he wants to say in anger or abusive language, if he acts hard and insensitive to the mother, if he is very critical, if he makes it, child life sees it as such. Every negative attitude and behavior in the house is reflected in the child's life.

Jesus, you are not as pure as children, you cannot enter the angel. Melekût is the spirit of angels and angels. The child comes to the world from there. There is no hatred, jealousy, stinginess and lies in the head. All of these; and then he learns from us and from other people.

Being a human is a very important value. Maternity is more important than fatherhood and teaching. The first task of parents, parents and teachers is to be human and to create a humanity for children.

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Being a human is a very important value. The first task of teachers is to be human and to create humanity for children.