If we do something bad with us★★★

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If we do something bad with us, we do not think everyone is bad. Nobody is good on earth. Why do you know the thoughts are becoming day-to-day. Think of a little more, really, everybody is bad?
When a boy trick with the girls, we think all the boys are bad. Male race is bad. Is all boys really bad? Then our father, brother of family members, they are too bad, oh, their father, brother can never be worse. How bad is the male race?
When a girl is deceiving with the boys, many women say that women's women are bad. Is that really bad women? Then their mother, sister or worse? Nobody says no to his mother, sister. How bad was the women nation?
Actually our mentality is such. We like to blame people of opposite sex. We are both men and women, but both partners. God has sent us like this in the world. Yet we blame each other. Blame the person who committed the crime, do not blame the whole nation. Remember that men and women both complement both of them at least. Do not drag all the nations into your anger. Nobody is completely good or completely bad. We are human people with the blame. There are still good people in the world and the world still survives. Well, we all have thoughts. Be nice to everyone. Good luck

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