Six Spots Burglars Are Likely To Check While Robbing Your House

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You might think you have very good hiding spots for your keys and personal effects around your house that you consider safe, but you will be surprised that burglars know your tricks.
If you have ever thought of your freezer as a hiding spot, burglars have probably thought of the same thing too. A burglar won’t rummage through your entire stack of frozen foods and fish sticks, but if you leave your treasures in something out-of-place, such as a sock, the thief will be onto you.
If you’re going to put something in the freezer, you want to put it in with something that blends in such as wrapping it in a bag that used to have blueberries in it.
Use the same rule of thumb when hiding things in your store room. Just allow your loved ones know so that if anything happens, your valuables won’t be trashed with the rest of your food.
Under Your Mattress
Burglars will always be on the lookout for the room that has the most valuables. As such, they know you will probably be hiding the most valuable things in the master bedroom.
That’s where you probably store your clothes, your jewellery, your extra cash, your prescriptions and anything of significant value. Hiding things under the mattress is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and burglars know you probably have your hidden treasures there.
A thief will most likely go through your entire wardrobe looking for cash or other valuables. If you decide to store valuables in your wardrobe, it is best to mislead them by mislabelling the box with something like “baby clothes” to keep potential thieves out.
While burglars are in your bedroom, they know you will most likely store your jewellery on top of the dresser or in them. Chances are you won’t store your jewellery in plain sight, and thieves know this as they will check around shoebox or other unique box that could be filled with watches, jewels, and other valuables.
Instead of putting your high-value belongings in an obvious box, you can simply tie them up in a sock. Pick a pair with a bright pattern that will stand out to you but won’t look suspicious to a burglar.
Portable safe
You most likely want to keep your precious items stored in a portable safe but if you have one that is not attached to the floor or wall, you won’t have your valuables protected.
If it’s closed and locked, it implies there are things of value in there, and if it happens to be small and portable, they will simply take the whole thing away as burglars generally want to get in and leave as quickly as possible.
They won’t bother trying to crack the combination, which makes a heavy safe they can’t lift your best bet.
Medicine cabinet
Thieves want to make quick cash off your belongings, which is why they will be on the lookout for medicines they can sell. The pills might not be a concern because you can get a refill easily, but be careful what you store close.
You want to avoid putting anything of significant value around medications of any kind. For instance, using an old pill container as a hiding spot for jewellery could actually make them a target.9ed2e14a9665464ccfeafa955501f0eb.jpg

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