What can someone do to handle a blackmail?

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If you are being blackmailed because of your financial status and you have to choose between your life and paying the blackmailers' fee, I think it's best you pay up and regain your freedom. Life can never be gotten back once lost but wealth list can be gotten back.

The next thing you should do after regaining your freedom is to help the security agents do their job by providing as much useful information as you can to enable them capture the criminals that kidnapped you.

What this means is that you must have had to be very alert to every helpful small detail that could lead to capturing you captives. In a case where you were blindfolded, you may have been able to listen to your environment for details such as train sounds, busy or quiet streets, ocean sounds and even smell of the environment. 

It's in your best interest you help the security agents capture these criminals because if you don't they may keep coming back to milk you.


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