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Living a destructive life is not by wish or choice but it is as a result of very many factors.

People are influenced by the People we hang out with, the people we listen to, the books we read, the video we watch, in general the information we take i, positive or negative affects us in life. Many people are living a certain life not because they want but because of wanting to live like others in the community which inst right.

In life, we are convicted to do certain things not that we want but because we try to be like other or do what others do in life and we end up living a destructive life. I have interacted with some people who decided to live a life which is destructive not that it was their wish but because of the influence and wanting to live like the way others live.

There are various kinds of destructive habits that people take up in life and these entail:

Smoking, this habit is so serious that it affects ones health,basically the organs which include the lungs and most people have not abandoned the habit even after sensitizing them on the various effects that it may cause on to their health.

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Alcohol consumption, This habit has also predominately dominated among st the people most especiary the youth who think that drinking alcohol is a cool thing to do, for the past years we have lost very many people on issues concerning road carnage where drivers tend to drive while drunk and they end up causing accidents.

We have also registered family outbreaks in uganda due to alcohol consumption, that fathers have abandoned their families due to failure to provide for them the basic needs that they may require.

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There are quite many destructive habits that may affect ones health, and i will talk about them more in my second post that am yet to make, but what i want to briefly say about these habits is,

We need to discover ones purpose in life, what one wants to be when they grow up, is it worthy living a destructive life.

Deep inside us lives a hero, who wants to inspire other people, a million of people may need our life, so the life that one lives should be productive to the rest.

Lets not work to please other people, to live the way others live but to be ones self. and such habits will be un heard off in our lives.


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