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Dear Mum,
But there must be a reason, but I think you are cruel. Why? Justify.

I have decided to talk to you to let you know my feelings. I want to know why you did it. My story is short. I stayed inside you for only a couple of weeks. I was very comfortable and warm. I felt really protected. I knew you were a special
person because you never stopped me from eating the food you ate. I longed for the day I would see your face. Nine months was a long time to wait, but I was determined to wait. I had to be patient.

One day I heard you converse with a man about me. And at some stage you quarreled. The man then offered you some amount of money to get rid of me. I was happy and prayed that this meant that I would at least see you, the only person that I knew in the world. I was wrong. I had almost forgotten the issues until I felt something sharp pierce my tiny ear. I jerked silently and in pain, and asked you to protect me. Seconds later the object came, fiercer than before. My tiny body was cut up, starting from the ears then arms and legs. It was an agonizing experience. My head was then cut off and I died.

It took me a whole hour to die. A whole hour for an innocent few weeks human being to be murdered by you! I remember the whole incident vividly and I keep asking myself what I did to deserve that cruel death. Why me? Why did you do that to me? And why was I not given a chance to live just like the children you hear playing around? How do you feel when you send some of them on errands when I could have done that with pride if you had given me the chance to live? Don't you see the beauty in playing with a child that calls you mom with a sweet soft voice?

I know you are having a lot of nightmares. You remain guilty for the beastly act. Please explain to God why you committed the heinous act. He sent me to you as a very special gift. My purpose was to make you proud by being the great person God meant me to be. I have forgiven you though I never lived to see your face. My journey back to my creator was safe, and I arrived safely. I was given a red-carpet welcome by an angel. I am in fact without bitterness. I still love you, mum.. BLOOD

Yours Sorry (For You),
Unborn Child.

Are you touched?

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