Social Media Common Sense 101

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These are tips you should follow if you want to maintain a good audience on your media platforms.

  1. Do not copy people's posts without permission. When granted, give credit to the author.

  2. Do not post a comment that is not in line with the post. This one is for all those "sellers" that don't know anywhere else to sell rather than people's comment section.

  3. It's okay to ask questions but some questions should only be asked on google. Even the bible said a fool will be considered wise if quiet.
    Only ask if you are unsatisfied with the answer on Google and need further clarification.

  4. Don't be calling everyone "dear" "sweetheart" etc especially when you don't have a personal relationship with them.

  5. Don't go about taking screenshots of sensitive conversations to proof a point to the public except you have the permission to.

  6. Do not tag Miracle and 99 others 😭😭
    Only tag people that are relevant to the picture.

  7. When you get into a new group, observe, read rules and regulations. It may take some time but when you fully understand, you'll blend in smoothly.

  8. Finally, stop sending all those broadcasts to my DM. I know they said you should share it with 14 others but pulizzz leave me alone!

What other social media common sense do you know?

Let's hear it in the comment section.

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I remain Henry Glowz 😉

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