The value of friendship.

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When I talk about friendship I always say that the honorable title of AMIGO, is not granted to anyone I believe in friendship 100%, but I do not think anyone can be your friend when I was in elementary, I was a very insecure girl and the friendships that surrounded me, had a great interest in me was the perfect girl to send a mandate to any.


I have shared with many people throughout my life, in primary, high school, university, university, in the different jobs I have played, Leave a good image and I am reputed to be a good person I like to listen and sometimes I dare to give suggestions, it seems to me that the word advice must come from a teacher.
Sharing with all these people brought me many teachings, and one of those was being aware of how valuable a true friend is, also that not everyone is your friend.
Although I listen to many colleagues and on more than one occasion I was introduced as a friend, my list of friends is very short friendship relationship like any other, must be reciprocal and meet certain characteristics for me Indispensable.


It is a myth to think that if you have a childhood friend is a good sign or cause for pride, as we move forward in life our concepts change and it is normal, Change the type or personality of the people with whom we seek to relate.
Since the antiquity has been given to friendship, a meaning and a special place in our lives I want to share with you this valuable information.
Etymologically the word friendship comes from the Latin "amicitia"; Pure disinterested and reciprocal affection. The philosophical point of view is defined as the relationship of society between equals, founded mutual appreciation and mutual trust.


"Aristotle the father of philosophy" in his writing Nicomachean ethics defines friendship as a universal and necessary phenomenon to all human, its principle consists in reciprocal benevolence, friendship requires to be the one For the other, it requires reciprocity. Therefore, love of friendship needs the friend to love the other.

Virtuous friends are necessary for happiness, for man is a "social animal", in need of other human beings on whom he depends and with whom he can share. Friends are the greatest external good for man.

In the Bible we also get examples of what it means to be friends. In the case of Naomi and Ruth it is possible that the most recited passage when talking about loyalty between friends is Ruth 1:16 -17. It says: "Your God will be my - Do not ask me to leave you and separate me from you!
I will go wherever you go, and live wherever you live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. I will die where you die, and there I want to be buried. May the Lord punish me with all hardness if I depart from you, unless it be by death!
If we were aware of the real value of the friendship, I think we would be better people, I have a clunky idea of what it means to be friends, I catalog them as diamonds because a coal is easily On the road but the process by which it becomes a precious stone, entails years and efforts.


I want to share with you, some of the characteristics that in my opinion should have successful and lasting friendship relationships. * 1.- To value each other, we are unique beings and we both know we do not have to be impressed.
  • 2.-Be authentic, everyone is as is without trying to imitate the other.

  • 3.-Express your feelings, we should be able to give a hug, say a love you, I miss you, I need you through demonstrations of affection friendship strengthens.

  • 4.-Right to make mistakes, we are not perfect we accept and assume.

  • 5.-Give and receive, no one takes anyone, no one charges anyone and at the same time yes
    Because it is not a question of leading is to change the paper when necessary.

  • 6.-Understanding, it is almost impossible not to reach a disagreement what is important is to face it and if there is discussion to overcome it and that forgiveness is always the last word.

  1. In the formula of friendship, loyalty is a basic component without it does not exist.
    1. Everything changes is transformed is the law of universe, we also the key is to accept those changes and see the best of them.
  • 9.-Every living thing needs to be nurtured, also friendship needs food details are the best to make it grow and strengthen.

  • 10.-Celebrate the successes and commemorate the defeats, always together unconditionally.


The important thing is to never forget that:

"Friendship is a soul that dwells between two bodies"

The friend must be like money, that before you need it, you know the value you have.

Friendship is the principle of value and of all virtues.


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