BALS - "At Least You Weren't Raped"

in advice •  6 months ago

Hey friends!

It absolutely poured here today and we are still getting hammered! Man oh man am I glad that we are not in a flood plane!

That being said, there is a topic I came across that is pretty near and dear to me. When I was 14, I was sexually assaulted by a co-worker at my first job, and I was too afraid to say anything because I was afraid I would lose my job. Sexual assault is no joke and it affects you later in ways you never would have expected. Now, my run in wasn't nearly as traumatic as what a lot of women describe, and I never had to seek out professional help like a therapist, but if I had, and they had told me what this woman explains her therapist told her, I would be LIVID.

You do not have to be raped to be a victim of sexual assault. There are many ways someone could go about touching you without ever initiating intercourse. I suffered a permanent injury from my sexual assault and it would not have been constituted as rape.

So yeah, this therapist can go suck it.

If you care to know more about what Lady Steem has to say, watch the video above!

Sorry this is such a heavy topic tonight, but by golly, it's also a REALLY important one!

xx - Beth

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