BALS - Halp! My Husband is Clueless!

in advice •  6 months ago

Hey friends!
It's great to be back after the HF!
It was also nice to take a little break from posting! But I was super stoked to get back at it too!

I live in Arizona and we have this tropical storm moving in and everyone is freaking out and buying sand bags! I think it's just a precaution but I'm crossing my fingers that we don't get flooded out!

Anywho, today's BALS is brought to you by a clueless husband and a frustrated wife with questions about him! See what Lady Steem has to say in today's episode of BALS! Happy Monday Ya'll!

xx - Beth

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Loving your content and the energy that you bring to Steem Blockchain :)


Thanks so much! Right back at ya! :)

Glad to see you Beth! Looking sassy as ever!


Guuuuurl, I need to get on dat discord. I miss you! And thanks!