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The digital advertising market has been growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the past 4 years. In fact,​ it has grown so much now that in 2017, for the first time ever, it unseated television as the most popular medium of advertisement​.

Of all digital advertisement strategies, the programmatic advertisement approach shows the most promise and a mouthwatering average annual growth rate of 23% against the 4% experienced in the non-programmatic​ approach.

It should be noted however still​, that despite these positive figures, the digital advertising​​ market is wrought with many problems such as

  • Low targeting​ frequency
  • Non-transparent counterparty relationship
  • High level of fraud

This has led to a situation where advertisers overpay their clients while receiving lesser rewards and consumers from their advertisement campaigns.

Ubex attempts to solve all the above problems by combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and all the benefits. In doing this they are hoping to create an open ecosystem where trust and efficiency is guaranteed through the above technologies.

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About Ubex

To properly understand Ubex, we first need to understand some simple concepts.

What is Programmatic Advertisement

Programmatic advertising works by buying real-time advertising by the means of an auction.

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It works as follows, when a user visits a digital media page, while the page is loading. The system analyzes the kind of audience the page relates to and then correlates this data with client targetting and performs an auction amongst related advertisers whose target audience corresponds to the visitor on the page.

The advertisement slot on the page, in turn,​ goes to the highest bidder whose advertisement is shown to the user. This whole process takes place within 100-200 milliseconds and is carried out by algorithms, with people only controlling what adverts are in the system.

This is the target market for Ubex (programmatic advertising market) and it is a large part of the digital advertising market. In fact currently; of the $500 billion generated in revenue by Marketing in 2017 across all media (traditional); the programmatic advertisement market accounted for about $24 billion of said market revenue.

Basically, programmatic advertising is mostly demonstrated through online videos and banners, which anyone who is familiar with the internet must be familiar​ with.

What will the market look like with UBEX?

The current programmatic advertising market approach is rife with many layers and 3rd parties that add to the overall cost for advertisers

Through Ubex, Advertisers can easily purchase advertisements from publishers without having to deal with the costs from agencies and other 3rd parties.

Ubex serves as both an advertising exchange and a service performance monitor. It monitors performance indicators of each ad placement for each publisher​ and eliminates the needs of 3rd party tools

Ubex aims to deliver synergy by using neural networks to make accurate predictions on the probability of a targeted action of each particular user in response to advertising material, thereby reducing the resource wastage and reducing overall cost.

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Ubex Uniqueness

Ubex will run as an advertising exchange which would be located at www.ubex.com and would have an interface that works across all devices and platforms. This exchange would have two main interfaces

  • Service for Advertisers
  • Service for Publishers

Ubex Service for Advertisers:

Advertisers can set up and run ad campaigns in a few clicks, as the platform would make it easier to do a whole lot of work, in very much less time. The following functionalities are offered

  • Create an offer and specify commercial terms such as the cost of advertising, and the percentage of sale.
  • Select a widget or create your own; advertisement widgets can be a select range of banners provided by the exchange. An advertiser could also create and upload his own. These widgets are banners or videos
  • Select the interests of the target audience, time of display, geography and other criteria
  • Launch an advertising campaign and monitor its progress

Ubex Service for Publishers

Publishers can quickly and conveniently connect their advertising slots to the Ubex advertising platform and start earning as the tracking add-on accumulates enough data about site traffic to be analyzed by the neural networks.

The following steps are taken by the publishers. They include;

  • Register an advertising slot:- The publisher allocates slots for ad units and adds the exchanges'​ javascript code to his site.
  • Adjust advertising topic restrictions:- The user chooses topics that they allow for placement on their websites.
  • Specify geolocation, audience interests, ​and social parameters
  • Set Restrictions on widgets and advertisers

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The Ubex Platform

The Ubex platform would also serve as a means of regression analysis of user/consumer data for companies. Data collected and analyzed on the platform would allow companies to​ make judgements about the perceived interests of a user. An API would be provided that provides the opportunity to retrieve expected categories with an estimate for each based on a query with user data.

This data that would be used in training the neural networks would be collected from site owners who would be rewarded for their contributions in UBEX coins. This rewards would be proportional to the data contributed
The Ubex Wallet

The UBEX token would serve as a means of payment on the Ubex platform. The use of tokens is justified by the need to seamlessly transfer funds from advertisers to publishers without the need of third parties. The tokens get transferred using a simple quota system that rewards publishers when certain quotas are met.

5% of all income from transactions will be distributed to data providers (those providing statistical data for training the system core). Using a proprietary Token allows a smart contract, which allows such actions to be programmed. The use of cryptocurrency does not directly provide such opportunities. This function is called Ubex Data Mining (UDM).
The Ubex platform would allow the input of tokens into the system and their output for a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies. The exchange rates of these tokens would be determined by market forces.

Uniqueness of the Coin

The Uniqueness of the coin stems mostly from the platform and technology it’s trying to implement. Given the statistics stated extensively in the whitepaper, the sky could be the limit for such a coin if the platform takes off seamlessly.

From the whitepaper, there are 2 ways to earn Ubex coin

  1. By being a publisher on whose website advertisements would run
  2. By being a publisher who provides data for training the neural network (5% of all transaction fees go to data providers). This serves as a means of mining the currency.

Another unique feature of the coin is the ability to set quotas or allowances for other wallets within which the owner of the other wallet address can use the funds available in the account. This helps overcome the need for third-party​ verification of transactions. This makes it easier to do business over the blockchain as all publishers need do to access these quotas is to meet the preexisting conditions met by the Advertiser in setting said allowance.

Token and ICO Details

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Ubex token is an ERC20 utility token with a total supply of 4 Billion tokens. 72% of this will be available to the community through the token sale. The token sale is projected to end by the 13th of August 2018.

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August 2018:- Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Publisher application

October 2018:- Development of the system’s neural core prototype and initial training of the neural networks

November 2018:- Introduction of smart contracts capable of storing neural network adjacent coefficients in the blockchain

December 2018:- Introduction of an API prototype for sharing training data in exchange for rewards (data mining)

January 2019:- Launch of the Beta versions of Advertiser and Publisher applications

March 2019:- Release of the initial versions of operational applications and smart contracts


Website - https://www.ubex.com
Telegram - https://t.me/UbexAI

Authored by 23xfi
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