Steemit has been Featured in ROLLING STONE Magazine! WOOT! @Air Guitar [email protected]

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The link to the article here, It's a short and sweet little bit about Steemit in a world reknowned magazine..! This is absolutely awesome my fellow steemsters! Sweet as pie!

"Can this Social Media Site Make You Rich?" - Rolling Stone Magazine

A short little excerpt from their magazine write up about

"If you look at companies like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit," says Ned Scott, who co-founded Steemit earlier this year, "they're taking our time and our work and our creativity and our energy, and leveraging that along with our private data to create profits for their shareholders. But with this point system – this 'magic Internet money' – the users can get paid for creating and curating content."

This is amazing news folks... Rolling Stone is read by THOUSANDS of people world-wide. Hopefully we see this sort of good press in popular places where people can discover STEEM and Steemit and join in on the fun we have on here! I can't help but feel a little proud that I'm helping a project that's received such an amazing mention in such a well established mag!

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