NONSTOP 24/7 --- Marie Osmond / Nutrisystem

in advertising •  last year

If Marie Osmond gets $1 every time her Nutrisystem commercial gets played, she must be getting MILLIONS and MILLIONS $$$!

Her commercial gets played 100,000 times per day, just on the one channel I watch. (Maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad, but it does seem EXTREMELY excessive.)

And you gotta wonder... if Nutrisystem can afford ALL THOSE COMMERCIALS, they must be racking in the jack! But maybe the networks give them some kind of special discount... buy 20,000 commercials and get 40,000 for free. I know, at least in radio, advertisers could get DEEP discounts by running their commercials in unsold commercial breaks.

I know, Marie is a very talented individual. She's had TV shows, an early 1970s top-40 and country hit song Paper Roses, and is currently doing live shows in Vegas.

But I think she's diminished her image and reputation by doing so damn many schlocky-looking, stereotypical commercials, that, to me, are condescending - where they try to dazzle the masses with flashy displays, numbers, images and short messages popping in and out, fading in and out, sliding around the screen, rotating and spinning around, in a frantic, dizzying blitz with an enthusiastic-carnival-barking announcer trying to motivate you into signing up for their diet/food program.

And then Marie want's to tell you what they call "it." You now... muffin top, spare tire, belly blubber, big fat load of lard... or whatever.

Its like a madhouse of craziness, in a compact 30 or 60 second commercial.

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