Rant: Companies who claim they can do for you what they can't do for themselves

in #advertising2 years ago


Some days it is really hard to decide whether I am the only person on this planet with common sense or whether I am simply the most narcissistic.

When someone visits your website and uses your "Contact us if you need our services" link to send you advertisements telling you how fantastic they are at advertising and that if you will place your trust in them then they will make your site a huge success... am I the only person who thinks "What an idiot this guy is"?

If this person has to go from website to website to find email addresses to spam to dig up business for themselves, how good can they possibly be at what they do.... advertising and making sites incredibly successful.

Is it wrong of me to think to myself "Can this person not see the irony in what he is saying versus what he is doing?". Am I wrong to consider myself of a higher intellect than this person who is claiming they can make me successful? Or is it true what the latest such person said to me "In this fast growing digital marketing era, you should always be alert and proactive to beat your competitors to stay ahead" ...

Does "pro active" mean "In order to get ahead you have to spam anyone and everyone you can, one by one. That is the only way. Spam people into buying your services which will not include the same tactics you just used to drum up business for your own site. Promise. Be good enough at what you do to know that what you are doing is not what you should be doing for your clients as it is very bad form! Don't do anything that is bad for business when doing it for your clients but practice bad form as much as you can for your own company".

Really? Is THAT what "pro active" means nowadays?

As clever as these people make me feel when I read how absurd their tactics are, it boggles my mind to the point where I pause to ponder whether or not perhaps I might be the one who is wrong here... Perhaps trolling sites to spam them with "We are great advertisers and can make your site great also" via the site's own "Contact us if you want to hire us" links... perhaps that is what is required to be a success today Maybe that is what it takes to be a business professional. Maybe I am the idiot for not seeing it.

Is this what the world has finally come to? European privacy laws and WordPress having built in "Remove customer info" tools but the only way to advertise your site or product is by hiring spammers to spam your message out into cyber space...

Am I the only person with common sense in this world or am I just narcissistic when I think of these spam marketers as useless time wasters without enough intellect to see that their actions contradict the very message they are spreading? Is it wrong for me to pity the poor fools after seeing what idiotic depths "the professionals" must sink to in order to drum up business for their service of drumming up business for others?

Am I honestly the only person in the world who sees the complete lack of common sense in these spam tactics or are there enough people out there who actually hire these people to encourage them to continue with this practice? Am I a complete idiot for not seeing what everyone else is seeing ... or is everyone else just so incredibly greedy or stupid to spot the idiocy in this form of spam marketing that they actually grab hold of it and cling to it with such ferocity that others in the same line of work deem this a viable enough tactic to warrant it's continued employ?

Am I jut the only person with common sense or am I just a narcissist for reading these marketing spam and thinking:"Poor fools"?


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