Advertising campaigns without intermediaries

in advertising •  last year


How can we give an advertising campaign without intermediaries? The easiest way to write your advertising message on a paper with a felt-tip pen and adhere it to the wall. But, firstly, it is vandalism, and secondly, not everywhere it is possible.

You can hire schoolboy-promoters who will distribute flyers to passersby, 95% of which will be in the Dumpster by the end of the day, and they will be thrown out there by the same low-motivated promoters.

Go on, you decided to order online promotion. Here you most likely can not do without an intermediary to set up targeted advertising, banners or promotion of a post in social networks. You pay for clicks and transitions, in fact just for the attention of users, but in most cases promotion ends on this step.

Everything goes a little differently with IZX. Human like other primates loves to play, and it was very fun for IZX to get people to play before getting a cherished token and an advertising offer in it. When you try to get something, the value of the prize increases. Another sign of this time, especially about the young people — is the total staring in the screens of smartphones and the endless checking and tracking of the content of various social networks and applications. But this is all about psychology.

With the development of the IZX project everyone can become an advertiser for whom geographic boundaries won’t be an obstacle. Your audience will be young and advanced smartphone owners who will receive information from augmented reality. Probably, sounds very pathetic, but anyway — this is a completely new type of advertising. First, there is no censorship in the augmented reality — the content of the message on token is a personal business of the advertiser, and secondly, the tokens can be moved to the place of potential accumulation of the target audience, and most importantly, the owner of erc-20 tokens gets the right to issue the corresponding number IZX Drive game tokens that will be “burnt” after being written off from the player and returned to the advertiser back. This is the potential of their increasing value.

All of this will be possible with an increase of the number of users of applications that support the IZX Drive tokens, or after the popularization of IZX after connecting large players in the form of international networks.

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