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RE: Introducing Advertise! Grow With Us!

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We don't guarantee an ROI at all, but we boost posts about services/communities to high on the front page. Many people look through the trending page every day, with most posts getting 20-30 comments. We will run giveaways along advertisment posts for people who join the service or community to help provide a better ROI. The prices above are based off figures from my own bot, @KiwiBot and other bots like it, such as @Moonbot and @blissfish, looking at how many followers their account has compared to how much money they get a week, and how many subs they get when they boost a post to the front page. This method is cheaper than boosting your own post to the front page, which takes 200-300 Steem.

The application fee is only 1 Steem, and this allows us to filter out all of the spammy services. It's 1/10 of our cheapest option, cheap enough to stop services without the funds to use Advertise from filling up our application queue, and anyone we approve gets 1 steem off their final price.


I appreciate you actually taiing the time to reply, but I still dont see how you can boost a post into trending for just 30dollars ?

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We will use our own funds to boost your post (around 150-300 steem), the fees above are payments to @Advertise for our service.

so thd post is boosted under YOUR accouht name ?

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Yes, as written in the post we will write and publish the advertisement post.

Thats not clear that it would be published under your account though. So we pay money to you and get nothing except you publishing a post to trending on your account? lol...ok. Well at least everyone will understand now.
By the way, in your post, you mention that anyone commenting will get 5sbi shares. You might want to change that to 'someone' as you've basically offered everyone who comments on your post 5sbi shares and Im not sure that thats your intention!

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Fixed the giveaway and clarified the "published under" part, thank you for your feedback!

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