Vivid accommodation

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Nha Trang Intercontinental Hotel

Location, facilities, breakfast.

Vivid accommodation


Hello, this is Eunah

Today I brought information about accommodation in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Nha Trang has been running since 13 years ago...

It’s a very loving destination,

Vinpearl, from Anamandara

Six Senses, Laliana Ninh Van Bay, Sheraton, Duyenha, Fusion, etc.

I've been to quite a lot of resorts.

So, the price/performance ratio is good!

A decent hostel with so many people..

Anyway, I was most satisfied today.

Introducing the best hotels in the city center

This is Nha Trang Intercontinental Hotel.

Clap clap!



The intercon is a Gap of Gap.

Located right in the center of the city, there are many restaurants and cafes around

Popular roof top bar on foot, you can also visit the market

Besides, the most important thing is that the sea is just across the road!

It is the best location to have no other places like this for free travel.

If you are bored in your room and bored

You can run to the beach at any time




The room I stayed in was filled with sea

Ocean view room.

The space is so spacious that there is no frustrating feeling

Overall, it was very clean.

Adult 2 and Baby 1 stayed together, but I never thought it was narrow.

I liked the bright blue point on the white iron bed sheet.

I thought the terrace view was a great hit.


It's the kind of view I want to see even if I'm watching it

Look far away, Vinpearl Land

Sheraton came to my left.

Even if it's hot, it's too hot during the day

From above, it's happiness to watch Mulchi



The illusion is a bit disappointing if you do it with your heart

Cute chocolate and various fruits

Bananas and oranges~

Put it in the refrigerator

I forgot to swim and climb up and go out.


Coffee pot, tea, coffee

There is a mini bar in the bowl


The bathroom was also very clean

Traveling with babies is more concerned with cleanliness

This is definitely a pass!

My daughter likes to drink water in the bathtub and fondant

It was exciting that the bathtub was wide.

When I went out and came in, I said, "Please take my mother's water."

Fully equipped bathroom amenities

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner

All you have to do is lightly leave your body.

Free 2 bottles of mineral water every day



Now, let's go to the pool this time

The pool is located on the second floor of the building.

Kids club, gym, sauna and spa are on the same floor.

The seaview pool where it was good to feel the sea close because the number of floors was not high

There is also a kids pool, so Yeonwoo loved it


In fact, if you go out with your child

Kickle is more important than a swimming pool.

If you have children, do you agree? Hahaha

Depending on how crazy the baby is playing

Because it's decided whether it's time for mom's rest.......

Intercon is kindly guided by teachers

Who loved it

I play coloring and play confetti ~~

I played a long time with toys.

Huh,,,,,,, honey

My mom is a little too easy...


also had a spa on the same floor, so I only took pictures.

I can't leave my baby

It looks really good.

As soon as you open the door, the high-quality team Smel


The fitness center was spacious, so the facilities were good.

I couldn't use it either

Still, where was the woman who loved water and was able to swim together .....^^;;

After a few years, can we get a spa together? Heh



Now, this is breakfast

The breakfast at Nha Trang Intercontinental Hotel is really good.

I think it is one of the best in Nha Trang.

Various Vietnamese dishes, bread salad, cereal, yogurt

Egg dishes, instant noodles and rice noodles

Vietnamese Baguette Banmi,

Feast of Dim Sum and Tropical Fruits


I was particularly impressed with the bibimbap corner.

I had nothing to miss for Korean food.

Various herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, meat garnish

When you eat it with red pepper paste

The world is delicious~~

Bibimbap restaurant ㅇㅈ

I had bibimbap every morning hahaha



Kimchi and Japchae and Kimbab?

Consideration for Korean guests

I thought it was a menu

Because there are a lot of gadgets

Even if you eat in the same place after three nights

Did not get tired



Nha Trang Intercontinental Hotel is called Gap of Gap

I talked about it above.

If you go by yourself, you will be sympathetic

Everything a traveler needs

Feeling crowded around?!

Food and coffee are slightly expensive on the first floor,

There is a nice and delicious Lunam Bistro Cafe Restaurant.


Cage concept?

Popular among Korean travelers

I also walked to Rain Forest Cafe.

Jogi~~ Sit on the 3rd floor iron window (?)

I was so happy when I was looking down on the city and looking at mangos


There's a local market next to Rainforest.

Please do not miss out here

The traditional market does not have a great view, but

What do locals eat and how they live~ It's fun to look into it.




Cham Cham, I went to the Skylight Cafe on foot

This is also recommended

Great place to see the night view!

There is also a restaurant where you can eat

I only had a beer

I remember that when I bought the admission ticket, I had a drink

Before the sun goes completely~~

Let's go along with the magic hour and leave a nice authentication shot!


I'm all up next week? I'm planning on going with Yeon-woo again in early July.

At that time, I also thought of accommodation as an intercon

Lounge Benefit Club Room Included

During the day, enjoy the hokkakyeon in the hotel only

If you are cool in the evening, you will be able to tour the city lightly!

I'm still good even after a few times

I am eager to leave soon.

Charm, Nha Trang InterContinental Hotel Accommodation Rates in Staynmore

10 percent discount promo in progress.

Please refer to those who are preparing for this year's travel.

So far, that’s all the information about Nha Trang’s travel

If you searched and saw this post,

You are preparing for me

Satisfactory in price, facilities and location

We recommend with confidence in Nha Trang Intercontinental Hotel

Then prepare carefully and have a pleasant Vietnam trip :)

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