Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort 200% Satisfaction Review

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Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort 200% Satisfaction Review




Hello, this is Eunah

Today I brought a review of the best accommodation in Danang

People who stayed are silent and praised

Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort

When I make a reservation here

I hit the pool villa and the price is okay, so I booked without thinking.

But when I went there, I paid more

I was able to get so great service

I'm not making a fuss!

Let me show you what I liked so much


Grandvrio is somewhere between Danang and Hoi An.

Some say that the location is ambiguous.

I thought that both Danang and Hoi An were not so far, but rather it was an advantage.

Without moving the hostel, I went to Da Nang city and went to Hoi An.


After checking out the old hotel

I took a taxi to Granbrio.

As soon as I got out of the car, perfect service began.

I sit in the lobby and present my passport and check in.

From the welcome drink, you can see the menu and choose your own

From alcoholic cocktails to beer

Various ice cream, coconut juice and non-alcoholic cocktails are available


Yeonwoo is an ice cream with fruit, and I drink mango!

Oh, here is a welcome drink.

The next impression service continued


The sister who checks in

I brought four types of amenity boxes

Choose me~~

If you choose, you put it in the room.

Haha... This service is great, right?

It's not a regular room, but only for pool villa guests.

Since I stayed 2 nights, I chose two amenities.

Hermes Ferragamo L'Occitane, and I don't know what the other is;

Anyway, there were four types of candidates

Hermes doesn't like it because it has a scent and masculine (?)

If you don't choose the orange box, it seems like you are losing money for some reason...

L'Occitane is common in other hotels.

I chose Ferragamo

The conclusion is Hermes, Ferragamo Get

Do you think about 10 minutes with one amenity

Why did my dad do it roughly?

It's a pleasure to realize that you can choose


We have also heard about shuttle schedules and free activities.

Danang, there are two buses going to Hoi An.

There was also a shuttle to Lotte Mart once a day (departing at eleven o'clock).


Go out for a drink, sweets, dried mango,

I bought a lot of ramen and so on.

Yeonwoo's favorite cheese too~

When I was in the pool villa, I took it out and ate it well.




Watching the facilities inside the well-maintained resort

Guided to the villa

The landscape is so pretty and there are fountains everywhere.

Da Nang Grandvrio Ocean Resort was a great place to take a certified shot.



Villa 733

This is my one bedroom villa

Dad, me and Yeonwoo and three stayed.

It was great because it was spacious and you could swim in the private pool at any time.


The room is quite spacious, right?

A space where Yeonwoo was good to run around

Because I live in an apartment

Every day, "Yeonwoo, don't run!!

It's everyday to scare

Here, even if the child runs around and runs freely,

I didn't care and I loved it hahahaha


Opposite the bed, with a sofa and TV

There is a desk next to it



When you open the cabinet,

Baby life jacket

Even a large rattan bag

Good preparation

This is a bathroom.

Because the light comes in well

It was neat and clean



Flowers on the table in the living room

You set four fruits

Mango mango mango

And banana

Orange, apple

Stored in the refrigerator except bananas

When you go out while swimming in the room

One by one, it tastes like honey

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

There was a guidebook for children's programs on the table.

I was impressed by the great number of preparations.

Foot massage, balloon decoration, animal mask making, face painting, lantern making, kids karate, etc.

There were many unique programs

All of these are free!!

In addition to flying kites

Vietnam traditional hat non-decoration,

T-shirt painting, ceramic painting

Handmade bracelet making, key ring making program, etc.

There are more programs

You have to pay a small fee

100,000 dong (5,000 won in Korean)

Overly burdensome...

A good price

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Resorts in Da Nang and Hoi An, where I went with Yeon Woo

It counts to seven places.

The place I liked the kids club the most

This is Grand Brio

First, there is a space for washing hands and feet at the entrance.

The fact that you can only enter if you wash it clean


And there are various toys in the indoor space,

There are slides, seesaws and swings outdoors.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Because my old villa was right in front of Kickle?

1 second from the gate

When Yeonwoo really met her, she went.

Like a sparrow finds a mill

At first, though, he asked me to take him to my grandfather.

After a while, I go by myself

If Yeonwoo goes and takes off his shoes

Kids club teacher came out

You washed your hands and feet and brought me in.

Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort

Gift-like services don't end there

Ao Dai rental is free for female customers here.

Try fitting the cleanly prepared Ao Dai yourself

You can choose what you like and wear it all the time.

Of course, it is also possible to take a nice authentication shot when you go out.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Now, I'll show you the pool

The main pool size is quite large

The two photos above were taken after lighting at night.
This was taken when no one was in the morning

A person who goes into the water immediately after eating breakfast and digesting it.

I really feel like I'm on vacation

좋아요 I like lying down without thinking

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

I can't think of the exact amount of money..

Was it about 5,000 won with Korean money ...

You can also rent a tube for a small fee.

There are various shapes, such as big duck, little duck, heart, pratz, and donut.

I didn't have to carry the tube from Korea and blow it in and remove it~

I borrowed a yellow duck because I wanted to ride it.

The baby wasn't funny, so he didn't ride the tube well

It's more fun to wear a life jacket and play with water.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Buffet every morning from 6 to 11

It consists of traditional Vietnamese food and a wide variety of menus including Western, Korean and Japanese.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Croissants, rolls, pies, and other breads were prepared.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

The fresh spring rolls were not overly tasty and delicious as a breakfast menu.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

There are Korean menus such as gimbap, kimchi, and japchae

Dad said he liked it~~

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Like breakfast at ryokan

Very neat and tasty Hansang

It comes out individually.

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)
Boiling meat soup in a private furnace

Desserts to watermelon and papaya

A healthy breakfast menu is delicious for adults to eat,

It was good to feed the children

More than 200% satisfaction!!

Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort Ends Candidate Stay Review

Ao Dai free for women,

Large bath, Japanese breakfast, amenity choice, etc.

It was a place where I felt good throughout my stay with differentiated services.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel or pool villa

Please keep an eye on it :)

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