Lost in the woods. Surviving with NO Internet!

in #adventure3 months ago


Let's just say these past few days have definitely been a challenge..... Keeping 2 kids and a Mrs Welshstacker happy whilst have NO INTERNET has been fun to say the least! Thankfully, and hopefully we're back on grid for a while now and that means warm cups of coffee, comfy beds and unlimited superfast broadband.


So what's the first thing I do after being out in the wilderness?? Easy..... Blog about it, here on Steemit!

Plenty of fresh, clean air and lots of miles under our belts meant some good quality family time together.


Even 1/2pint got in to the spirit of things. Unfortunately, he's just a little too big to be hiding behind trees that small.. We can all see you!


It was at this point I knew Mrs W was done with the whole being outdoors thingy, she seems to have gone a little crazy!

So ill spend a few more week planning our next adventure, before setting off again.


The main thing is every survived, and in between the arguments had a great time.


Especially this one. She's absolutely shattered bless her.