Ex-pating to Mexico

in adventure •  last year

My wife and I are moving to Lake Chapala area in Mexico. We are not doing this for political reasons as many have claimed to want to do after the US elections. Or reasons are that we are retired and are ready for our next big adventure. Mexico is the closest most available place to go. I speak a bit of Spanish and am looking forward to becoming fluent and to understand and immerse myself in this new culture for me. I am an artist and musician and look forward to experiencing what all this means to me creatively.

I would enjoy reading any thoughts and advice you might have.

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Do you have plans to live self sufficient there? In terms of a homestead?

Looking forward to updates from you


Fortunately, we have saved up enough added to our social security we were able to pass the income tests for Expats and were able to get our temporary visas. Before the Government gives permission to emigrate they require that you be self sufficient.