Kedung Overlapping Beach

in #adventure5 years ago

Not fit if the beach kedung overlapping received calls the coast, because you will not find the sand there. Kedung overlapping is a clusters of coral reef that is located at the top of the cliff of lime that have holes adjectives results from enjoying wave south sea that violent.

Kedung overlapping in Indonesian language means the pool were staying. Given the name as the position that were staying above the cliff that directly borders with South Sea. So as though kedung overlapping is a pool of staying above the sea or sea cliff, may approximately so.

The beach watu overlapping is quite unique from other beaches.. Usually on you can play the beach catch the with tracker mortgages. But do not please you find sand on this. Because there will only find clusters of coral and limestone only. Try only play catch-with tracker mortgages in kedung overlapping beach, most feet free hands are badly bruised.

Outdoor pool at kedung overlapping formed naturally because the harsh hitting the waves of the sea south of the coral cliffs. So do not wonder if water in kedung overlapping also salt although not se salt sea water. The Biota living in the sea kedung overlapping any president was accompanied biota ordinary sea life on the beach surfing reefs.