Getting that Indiana Jones Life

in adventure •  3 months ago

When you follow your heart, and fellow the magical path, moments come to you that smack back of recognition - of moments and things you always wanted, but maybe didnt realize. Until that moment was upon you.

Today, I had one of these such moments.

As I was getting off a small 48 person prop jet plane, arriving from a small northern city in New Zealand into Auckland, I walked down the ramp onto the tarmac, and I had a flash moment of realization - my body and legs confidently swaggering down the path - I felt like Indiana Jones! Landing all over the globe this past year, and now, coming off this smaller, more personal plane, it reminded me of one of the adventurers i looked up to as a child - Indiana Jones!

How amazing!

I am doing it!

I am living the great adventure!

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