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It was a perfect getaway planned by the group, rushing to go up in Picnic Grove, Tagaytay, just to experience the 10 degree temperature of day before cold seasons end. The very cool temperature was so much refreshing in my deep-seated animosity on that moment. This is one of the fantastic adventure with my friends and a once in a lifetime moment where the whole gang was complete.

The view of heights was really amazing and pleasing to eyes upon seeing beautiful spots all around the area. Below you can see quarters of team who maintained the place making it always clean, peace and order. On the other side you can spotted the placid waters of Taal Lake view not far from where we camped. This is a place where you can lingering awhile for solitude.

Camping on a shaded trees is an awesome experience and taking shots to every angle of our space really fascinated me a lot.

People were taking pictures and selfies too. Fun of what they are called adventurist, a way to feel the life truly remarkable.

A group of people taking pictures, captivating good image looked, as if they're riding a horse for a pose with a minimum fee.

Children were playing along side the trail making it fun and exciting to see the whole character. The ambiance within the area could enlightens the spirit into a euphoric mood.

They bring their families here to enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay. The old time favorite locale for bonding of love ones.

Travelers were coming here too just to experience the exhilarating view of picnic grove. Watching the sunset view could spill more the pleasure.

My friends taking a posed on overlooking view beside man made forest. Eager to see their selfie image through the tablet.

The most amazing part of the place is the connecting bridge of trail from one side to the other side, making me feel immersed such wilderness experience. Below the bridge you can see the virgin forest that I may think never been exploited by mankind. So many were getting hook by the inevitable scenery and they’re waiting there standby to see the sunset throughout the lake not far from bridge. From above behind us, you can view the zip line cable with suspended harness, slides through the other side for amusement. But we never tried this kind of amusement activity for fear haha.

Upon entering the grove, we spotted some Tagaytay delicacies just around the corner. Several stalls scattered alongside the entrance with so many food to choose.

Garments for sale has a place also inside the picnic grove, where you buy in bulk with very reasonable price and good quality. Anything are all here to enjoy the catch.

Above all, I never had a chance to fully maximize my day of touring the entire place. There are still so many beautiful areas for sight seeing that I’ve no more time to explore. A day is not enough for exploring the whole picnic grove area. But what truly draw my interest in visiting this place is the joy that delighted me so much, the relaxation of the scenic view that mesmerized me and the cool weather that refreshing me from state of being free from tensions.

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Wow very nice. Very adventure place. Kanindut isuroy dra oi..


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