Is This For Real? 🌴🌵🐟 Guess Where I'll Be Traveling Next And Win 5 SBD 🤑

in adventure •  9 months ago

When someone recently told me that I lived in a fantasy world, I almost fell off my inflatable unicorn.

Oh, I just love unicorns and rainbows and all that stuff.

A couple of days ago I called one of my best friends and proposed her to spend a day at a pool and talk about the universe.

Half an hour later we had booked our accomodation in an extraordinary beautiful boutique hotel, including a fantasy-like poolside.

Did someone say German girls weren't 'spontaneous'? 😄

The place looks unreal which is why I promise to take lots of pictures and share them with you after the trip.

Can you guess where this unreal scenery is located?

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

Believe in magic

I truly believe in the magical effect of spontaneous secret escapes.

Although you know there'll be some extra work to be done after the trip in order to recover your leisure time, disconnectiong from everything for a while is so incredibly valuable.

That's why most of my money goes to indulge-yourself-programs, such as short trips with my best friends.

As those of you who're constantly reading my stories will perfectly know, I don't have my besties around me all the time.

Due to the fact that I have changed my homebase several times, my inner circle is spread accross several countries.

That's actually my no. 1 excuse to travel a lot :-)


Do you know where I'll be traveling next, Sherlock?

You have no idea how much I enjoyed reading the comments of my last guess-where-I-am-post.

This is actually one of the best methods to get tremendously valuable traveling tips for the future :-)

I'm actually very curious to know how fast you gonna be revealing today's secret!

The rules to participate in the contest (please follow them chronologically):

  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. Be the first one in guessing the exact name of the city where I'll be staying (hint: it has 10 letters)
  3. Type your answer down here in the comment section before the payout for this post is closed (7 days from now)

I think I should take the drone with me.


Best of luck to all participants!

Much love,
Marly -
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Thanks for being part of the journey!


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Hmm... I can see small coconut trees (Cocos nucifera), they are usually only growing south of the Tropic of Cancer and north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

But with climate-change and built in floor heating around the pool it could be a bit further north or south...

"Somewhere over the rainbow" could refer to the famous cover by
"Israel Kamakawiwoʻole" and he is from Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii...

Honolulu that is not 10 letters...

You have been hanging around the Canaries lately, there are some coconut trees along the southern shores of the Canaries, even though they are scarce...


Im just going to go with a wildcard: Santa Cruz, California.

(Probably wrong, but your pool pictures are not very revealing...
Could be anywhere in the Caribbean or Caribbean cost of Central America too)...

Thanks for sharing, this was fun!!!



Haha, I like this comment so much! You are a real Sherlock :-))

You have been hanging around the Canaries lately, there are some coconut trees along the southern shores of the Canaries, even though they are scarce...

Haning around...? Hmmmm, I live here!!! Hahaha

Well it's in fact on the Canaries - I'll be heading for the Steem Meetup on Gran Canaria (Maspalomas = the word I was looking for).

California would've been a blast - but a bit too far away for just a weekend island hopper :-)

Thanks for being part of the contest, it was a lot of fun to read your analysis!!!


Mas Palomas, more doves... I should have known, from the dramatic sky... ;)
I have no idea what kind of budget you have or if you can just casually go from one place to the other all over the globe... The decorations on the buildings looked very "Spanish", but the whole place gave me a "Playa del Carmen feel" sand by the pool, thats very Playa Del Carmenish/Cancun...

Hang loose @surfermarly!

And thanks for the tip, it was greatly appreciated!!!
Muchas gracias island girl!


This is definitely not Poland (yet), but I am wondering where this is. Any hint (I don't mind about the contest, but I am just wondering about the location)?


Hey @lemouth! How cool to see you in my blog :-)
Well it's actually not that far away from my home base - just on the neighbour island Gran Canaria (city: Maspalomas). I'll travel there in order to participate in the Canary Islands Steem Meetup :-)


In the case I check my feed, I will probably pass by your blog. But steemstem is keeping me so busy that I usually have very little time to check my own feed... I know this is not idea, but life is what it is ^^

Glad to read you can participate to many meetups. Will you attend steemfest3?

If I am not mistaken, I imagine you are going to the Canary Islands. As for the city exactly, is it Maspalomas?


Absolutely. And you were the first one in providing the right anwer, congrats! I'll be transfering 5 SBD to your wallet once the payout of this post is closed :-)

PS: Be careful with posting naked ladies without using the nsfw tag. It's okay to call people's attention, but you need to respect the network's rules :-) Also try to use pictures that are yours or don't have any copyrights, otherwise you might get flagged for abuse/plagiarism. Steem on! :-)


Wow, I completely forgot about that NSFW tag there. Thank you for reminding me and I’ll keep it in the back of my head from now on. Also, enjoy the vacation!

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Hehe, no probs. The learning curve on Steem increases quickly, hehe :-)
Thank you!

Must be Adelaide in South Australia! 🇦🇺😜

Looks like you are going to : Costa Rica !!! I can take you for a volcano Ride and a surftrip hehe pura vida


Uuuuuuh, why not?!? Hehe
That would've been COOL, but a bit too far away for a weekend trip.
A lot of people have told me how nice Costa Rica is and a friend of mine is even building a house there now, so it's definitely on my bucket list :-)

Thanks for participating and surf on @indahigh

Are we allowed to ask questions in order to get more insight lol? I wanted to know if it was in the US or more so what continent maybe?


So in the end you found it out without even asking one question :-))) Congrats!
US would've been NICE, but too far away for a simple weekend trip.


Yeah, the Canary Islands for the Western Hemisphere is like the Bahamas to the US. It’s real hot though so enjoy the vacation haha!

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You are going to Maspalomas on Gran Canaria.
PS: I see now @rolde78 has already won it. And Alhambra Boutique Apartments at Playa del Ingles seems like a great place to stay.


Maybe I am playing wrong, I dunno. But my research leads me o believe that the boutique pictured in your post is located on an Island in Spain. However, the name of the town has more than 10 letters.

I am going to chalk that up to a translation thing perhaps ad guess anyway: Playa Del Ingles on Gran Canaria.

It looks like a gorgeous resort!


Yeah i was also thinking "Canaries", but i couldn't get the number of letters right...


Very good, Sherlock! :-)
It's actually not Playa del Ingles, but Maspalomas. Yet, the picture is the one of the hotel where we will be staying though...

Thanks for the efforts!!

I think you are looking for Maspalomas as it is 10 letters.


Aaaaargh, that's right - but someone was a bit faster than you. Sorry :-)))


Well it looks, amazing! Bummer for me, must have missed it by minutes! Enjoy and hope one day to go.



Good idea!!! May become my next destinations :-)
Thanks for participating though.


Very nice post sir.
Please upvote my post.!!!!!!


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💜What a beautiful place, I love to live a wonderful day. This place looks magical. It's super nice @sufermarly I wish you a good time with your friend. A big hug. Excellent choice.💞

Apartamentos Las Dalias (Spanien Playa del Ingles)


Hmmmmm, that's quite close but not yet .-)

Good Morning, I just wanted to reach out and ask about the 5 SBD prize. I just wanted to see if I was still getting it? Hope the vacation is going well!


OMG, sorry!!! I completely forget to do the transfer, haha
Shame on me :-) Now you have it in your wallet.

Happy weekend!!

Alhambra Boutique Apartments | TAM Resorts
This is it.

I would recognize that view anywhere.

That is Maspalomas in Spain.
You are staying at the Apartamentos Las Dalias

I would hues you are saddling your unicorn to holiday in Dubia

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I'm pointing to Dusseldorf!!

Hi @surfermarly, I found your post in the @newbiegames post here, and thought I might just have a go at entering this competition.

My guess is Gran Canaria, Spain.

My "guess" was a Google Image search, which led me here. 😉  Sorry, I know that I'm late to the party here, but I'm entering the #newbiegames contest as well, and the rules there state that I have to enter all of these competitions first, so I still felt that I had to submit an entry here, even though I am too late to win this one.

My guess is... Oh, what's the point? The correct answer was already found by @rolde78. 😉


You're a couple of hours too late :-)) But there will be more contests in the future! Promised


Eheh, I know... but I hope my answer here is still valid to enter this one.


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Esa ciudad donde te vas a hospedar se llama MASPALOMAS

great contest.
well done

Casablanca! Canary is close to this city 😊