Short Adventure Story - The Lucky Coin (English)

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Getting off the bus toward his small house, Steve, a chubby and mischievous boy, dreamily stared at The Last Car, a racing game he badly wanted his whole life. After saving for 3 years straight he was one dollar away from the price of the game. As he casually scanned the area and found a dollar coin and in a split second, he dashed for it. However his enemy Roy, a mean little kid, was also going for it. Worried he won’t get the coin, Steve stood scared at the crosswalk. First, he pressed the button to cross while his heart was beating like a bass drum. For Steve, it seemed as a hundred years had gone by. On the other hand, Roy had no luck either because he was also waiting at the crosswalk on the other side of the road. In depression, both boys thought what they could do as the wicked signal tested their patience. As Steve went into deep concentration, Roy saw him and followed. As the pair concentrated, all noises faded away. Coincidentally they both bellowed with joy, “I got it!”

Steve clumsily pressed button on his backpack and a Pogo stick emerged, and then Roy applied pressure on a button on his shoes and springs emerged. With these gadgets, they tried to cross the street, but failed badly because the fast cars wouldn’t stop for them. Sadly, they realized that the street wouldn’t let them cross. Not happy with their results, the two kids poised at the intersection thinking on how to stump the sharp-minded street.

As they stood, they saw something that made their spine tingle. What they saw was Kevin, a cute and small first grader, coming from the other side, toward the intersection were the coin was laying on the warm cement. Every crooked step of the small first grader was bringing Steve closer to a heart attack. On the other side, Roy was about to burst into tears. As Kevin got closer, Roy and Steve knew they were never going to get the shiny coin. For both of them it was equivalent to the end of the world. They counted as Kevin was almost ten steps away. Next, he was five steps away. Then he finally arrived at where the coin lay with a curious look on his face. Kevin gently picked up the carefully crafted piece of metal as Roy and Steve were fainting on the other side of the street. Kevin’s hands, pale and stiff, were on its way to the pocket. Then out of nowhere the hand, stood dead still a centimeter above the opening of the pocket. It reversed and put the coin back on the ground. After that act of truthfulness, Kevin started walking away. Steve and Roy observed in pure disbelief that a little kid had more manners than they did, but they still celebrated as if it was the beginning of a new life.

The two desperate kids got right back to work on their plans. They didn’t even waste a second! With all their thinking power, they each thought of endless ideas. Most of the ideas were ridiculous and dangerous. However, few turned out to be amazing. At last, the smarter Roy, thought of a brilliant idea. He thought of using his jet pack he rode to school every day to cross the street. Right when his fingers rolled over the button located on the side of his backpack, a magnificent jet pack beamed in the sunlight. Watching, Steve advanced his finger to his backpack and pressed a button, which was his emergency jet pack his parents barely afforded for him. They booth took off with a magnificent trail of smoke spiraling out of the intricate exhaust pipe. As they reached a maximum altitude, both boys dove, like hungry falcons trying to catch food, towards the coin. With one hand out reaching for the coin, the temporary human birds crashed together, as well as into the coin creating a small mushroom cloud at the scene. The impact on the coin sent it soaring through the sky. At that point, Roy and Steve knew all faith was lost. The coin hit the ground and increased its speed as it rolled toward Kevin, who had barely traveled a few meters in the mean time. Coincidentally, the coin stopped right in front of Kevin. He slowly picked up the coin and trotted away, showing that the truthful and good mannered people will eventually get the good things they deserve.

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