Exploring 'Graffiti Alley' in Downtown Toronto

in adventure •  last year


By far one of the coolest places I have ever checked out in this wonderful city, tucked away in a labyrinth of alleys just off of the infamous main-street: Queen Street West, a street that is synonymous with artists and musicians from all walks of life. Walking down this alley truly felt as if I was walking through a 1980s New York film set of an alley. Walls gushing with a large variety of talents and styles coming together and re-purposing these old and often forgotten alley streets by giving it new life.


Because this alley is labelled as a legal graffiti area its seems as though everything that sets foot in it over night gets used as a medium for the artists, things from garbage bins to cars, everything is fair game.


From the serious thought provoking messages, to the 'Rickdiculous' there is no set theme to this alley, it is artistic expression at its purest definition.


Many of these artists take advantage of their surroundings, in this case the artist chose to use the CCTV camera to their advantage adding more value and bigger punch to the artwork and its message.


In canvas this diverse one could walk though the alley once a week and find new pieces taking the place of the old works.


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Nice photos! Seems like a real mixture of styles down there, and I didn't know there were areas where people could legally graffiti


@captaincanary, thanks for the response! neither did I, a friend told me about it last night and I had to go check it out, was worth the trip :)