Gela Amini - A life without precedent (video/podcast)

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A couple of months ago, Kurt had the opportunity to interview vegan chef, traveller and free spirit Gela Amini a second time, exploring the concepts of creative visualisation and living an unusual life in more detail, building upon the previous interview.

In this episode, Gela shares her thoughts the way she lives life as an adventure, spending time in Costa Rica, travelling, her philosophy on teaching as a collaboration and interactive experience, learning about life from the children she works with, and the difference between traditional schooling sitting all day and education as a fun experience. We also talk about how people seem to offer her houses to live in, such as her time living on La Playa Blanca in Colombia, among other places in South America, her mental process in finding such remarkable opportunities - especially believing that you deserve good things in your life, how your perspective can make the difference between seeing something as an advantage or disadvantage, depression and mental health.

Join us in another free-wheeling, globe-trotting, dream-fulfilling episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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Good stuff Kurt!

Upvoted and following. Interesting and different.