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Meanwhile its been 23days since my last post. I've been busy discovering several dimensions of d crypto-universe. I have to admit that its been quite an adventure so far, ive made some losses(alot actually) and some wins(don't ask me what.... Lol) and ah! its been time-comsuming(i guess this is normal for neophytes in the business ).
Also I've gained some experience that would no doubt aid my future decisions and escapades. But i can say that I'm getting a hang of it gradually, many thanks to my sweetheart of a brother @emma01.... He's really amazing. My partner and I make the best team in the world(don't ask me who.. 😂 😂.. Lol) he just makes everything seem easy and fun too. Expect more posts on this subject (and others of course)and maybe some tips on the "do's and dont's" of what obtains in the cryptoworld.

Do enjoy the rest of your day.
Cheers 🍻


Great write-up sis 👍 @mercydiva. Welcome to the world of cryptos

Hope enjoy swimming in the water 😂

I hope so too

What do you think about IOTA?

It has a nice project with great potential

Good to have you back,,,,,, we will be expecting more from you now,, 👍

Thanks, it sure feels good to be back. ☺

I'd like for you to share with us what you've learned thus far. We could benefit. Dont you think so?

Yeah ofcourse and i hope to do just that in my subsequent Posts

Ride on, more profits to you

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