My Adventures with Big Turtles in Hawaii

in adventure •  2 months ago

Hello DTuber all ...
Today I visited the Kona National Park and visited a Sea Turtle beach, then we went to Cloud Forest. A man-made jungle that looks like it is over 100 years old, but is actually only about 20-25 years old. The man who owns the property is a world-renowned botanist, and he took what was dried out in the volcano field, and turned it into a lush green and jungle very alive. Hopefully my travel videos this time will appeal to all of you, Thanks.

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Do you have YouTube Channel ?


Hello @ nathanmars ...
I am not interested in youtube, I just want to focus on DTube, sorry ...


I’m loving your commitment to Dtube!

However honestly I not judging you and I’ve come across so many people stealing others content from YouTube.

I really want to encourage and support your Dtube content and can you help me with doing a Dtube introduction video or something of that nature.

Thank you so much and I really don’t judging you and I was heartbroken when Dlive left Steem and I’m trying to make good Dtube community here


okay @nathanmars ., no prablem.. I'll try it later