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RE: Amateur Radio Field day 2018

Hi Matt,
I've been licensed since March this year and loving every second here in VK7. Just thought I'd say hello and I must agree with you when you say Field Days are enjoyable. We recently had our VHF/UHF Winter field day which I spent most of the day on a small summit near my QTH with nothing but a handheld dual band Zastone and managed quite a few contacts. May I ask what your current setup is?


Thanks for dropping by

My current rigs are:
HT (handheald): Baofeng UV-5R with a Nagoya 771 antenna. Not the best, by far... but cheap.

Mobile: Kenwood TM-D710G with a Comet SBB5 antenna on the roof rack. This performs MUCH better than the HT, even with the HT connected to the same antenna.

I'm still looking for a base/portable HF setup. I want something 'portable' because I participate in a lot of outdoor activities and would like to be able to field deploy my HF rig.

what is the farthest station you where able to contact during the VHF/UHF field day?

Hi Matt,
There's nothing wrong with the Baofeng and Nagoya. I've currently got a Zastone ZT-501 with a Nagoya 771 antenna. The fellas at the club didn't believe me when I told them I only spent AUD$32. I'm yet to get myself a HF rig as well. I've currently got a Yaesu FT-847 I'm lending from another amateur who has since told me he'd consider an offer. Not sure though as I need to assess my personal finances. The Yaesu works quite well connected to my 9:1 unun transformer connected to a random length wire.

My longest contact in the VHF/UHF field day was 39km (~24 Miles) with the average distance being 24km (~15 Miles). I'm quite proud of my effort considering I had only be licenced for about 2 months. Especially considering I was using the Zastone with only a whip.

Have you had an experiment with working the FM satellites?

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