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The beauty of the green environment!
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Do you remember when you were young and your mother was telling you that to eat green vegetables? Do you also remember when you harvest mangoes? From the tree of your neighbor?
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We cannot deny each of us has experiences that show the importance of plants in our lives life. They provide us with shelter when the sun is hot, a colorful tree that gives us their fruits to make food on our table, medicine for our diseases, our home to live, and so on. We have great benefits from plants and trees.
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. At so we owe only the benefits of the plants and trees in our environment? Plants, like us, have needs. Needs these are the care. To accomplish this, we must have knowledge of plants and how to care for them.
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So, all of us have nothing to do with nature, we should take care of it. Not only for us but also for future generations. When a house is surrounded by green or different plants they say more soft. Imagine a home that is pure stone like the hardness of the former.
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The plant also helps to cool down the area, the higher the tree gives the shade in the different climate we now do not know if the storm is coming.
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@jie28 photo
We need to protect our green environment for the clean green and clear fresh air.
Thank you for stopping by. the photos are shot in different places . hope all of you have a great day!

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