Bring all back whatever you take up. CLEAN HIMALAYA--GREEN HIMALAYA

in adventure •  5 months ago

Dear fellow travellers, a lot has been said recently on not polluting our nature and beat the plastic pollution and many more things.
But Let us all actually start doing our bit to save our mother nature.
On our recent spiti ride, We picked up trash on chandertal trek and disposed it in chacha chahi dhaba in battal.
Most surprising was prashar lake trek, where even urinating inside boundary is not allowed due to religious reasons,but we found beer,alcohol bottles on upper side of hills.
We request you all to actually do something or just a lil bit to keep our nature clean.
Hereby i challenge Rahul Gupta, Parul Jasrotia , Hitesh Thakwani & Gourav Singh Jamwal to do their bit on their upcoming trip to keep our nature clean.
Take actions and challenge your fellow travellers for same.
Thanks 🙏





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Amazing Initiatives Guys.

Was going through your all the past posts and I really do like these. Would love if you could also take a look at my posts @cup-of-life