Hike up the Fyrish Monument

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On the snowy Scottish day we went to search for Fyrish Monuments.
Only the main one most visited monument is easily to be found in the Evanton forest but the other two are well hiden. Last time when I went to see them, I was leaded by the local who lived nearby all life and she could find them easily. Unfortunatelly, I was not paying enough attention to the winding paths to remember exactly where to go as I was too busy chatting. Hopefully, I can bring the memories back and find my way to tract them back. After taking two wrong turns I think I am on track to get up the first monument. This little path must lead me there I hope...
Here it is... the Meann Chnoc.

I went on to find the other monument the bell tower by Creag Ruadh.i24ql0j7tc.jpg
Finally, I am on the way to get to the final Cnoc Fyrish. The weather is closing in and the snow is really cold and windy.

Cnoc Fyrish 'was built in 1783 by Sir Hector Munro - the local laird. He had been commander of British Forces in India, and defeated the Dutch at the Battle of Negapatam. On his return to the Highlands the Clearances were underway and many people were starving. After the fashion of the time famine relief was provided only in return for work - it being feared that feeding the starving would make them lazy - and the construction of the monument was one of the tasks given to the local destitute. It is a replica of the gates of Negapatam, to enhance Munro's glory' (historical information cited from walking highlands website).
As there was no views and I couldnt eat my luch there, I quickly head back down to the forest to eat something.
On lower level just before the car park, I found the first sign of spring. The snowbells!
Last final look at the Fyrish from the distance
Thank for reading my story. See you next ti

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