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Imagine how free kids are to live in the moment. When was the last time you went on a hike in the rain? Did you stomp the puddles without being worried about wet socks? Did you rip your shirt off after you covered it in mud and keep going?

Haha me neither, but it's so fun to be with kids and watch them just not give a f*#@. I always try to feel adventure through their energy. This is my neice and nephew.

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It's so true..... I remember when I was about that age and went out and me and a friend rolled these huge mud balls kind of like making a big snowball. We were so muddy we had to take our clothes off and get rained on and sprayed with the hose some more.

Haha yeah for sure. And you were probably stoked the whole time

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Can't even remember the last time I went for a hike, let alone a hike in the rain 😂

Haha yeah I work from my computer so it's easy to stay in

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No wonder they are enjoying so much and to be honest it has been ages since I have gone through this kind of times lol

Good for my soul

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Living the moments is all what make life special

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