Morning beach dig

in adventure •  6 months ago

Went out for about 1 1/2 hours this morning. The weather was still nice, cool and breezy. Not much to brag about on our finds, but it still nice to get out.
Nice intact shell 🐚, some clad & yes an iPhone 📱.


Seaweed and kelp


Hope you enjoyed!

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You're making me feel like detecting again, I haven't been for a while. There's nothing like the feeling when you're digging something up, wondering what it could be.


Honestly, I hadn't been in a while either. Id hit a park by myself now and then, just not comfortable going out by myself anymore. Actually, I watched @mentalmetal314 video & that inspired me, 😂

Very nice. What a beautiful beach. Reminds me of Hilton Head.