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Title: Testing Desert Ground For Gold For Steemit.com | Gold Prospecting and Dry Washing | GTAO VLOGS #29. Recently we traveled far out in into the very, very remote American desert searching for gold and learning about this new and beautiful area! In the area a lot of GOLD has been located and recovered with placer and lode or hard rock mining operations for over 100 years. On this trip we are testing the ground on a new claim with a dry washer and some hand gold panning in the field to learn about the place and determine where is best to focus our time and energy. Happily we do have some success and recover some pretty American desert gold! Come along, please Like & Upvote the video, Share it on your social media to help our channel, Subscribe to our channel and the ones we show in the video, add your comments, questions, suggestions for the video, and lastly visit our website www.gtaovlogs.com for our genuine dry washing concentrates and gold panning pay dirts ...to help support our channel, make more trips and videos, repair and replace our gear, buy food and fuel, and all those pesky practicalities. Thanks again and stay well.
We are growing our channel, our production quality, and we are looking for product and service sponsors to partner with. You may help a great deal if you can recommend a channel sponsor or sponsors and by sharing our content wherever you can. All help and support is appreciated friends! Thank you, we appreciate the help! Gold, Treasures, Adventures, and Outdoors Vlogs is happy to present our new website, sponsor links, links to Subscribestar, Patreon, and our social media. Please follow and share GTAO Vlogs. For YouTube creators who want to join the YFRC for free there's a link below as well.
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Credit for the Great Music, thank you!
Music: On My Roof
Site: https://icons8.com/music/
and the songs "Happy Guitar" & "Aqua"


Hi gtaovlogs,

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A new way to boost projects, excellent idea and excellent video :)

Greetings from Venezuela

@gtaovlogs, Sometimes it looks like Gold is everywhere just we have to look at right place.

And it's always a great session when we watch someone is getting the pieces of Gold.

And Gold is Power and in my opinion Gold is more than just a Precious Metal.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

hi dear @gtaovlogs, this is great !! it is always a pleasant surprise to see you at work ;-)) keep on, congratulations on your post and your curie vote

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