🎥 Fascinating video impressions of my Night Dive adventure in the Maldives!

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Hi Steemians & diving interested people,

I have cutted and uploaded a new very special video of my diving adventures in the Maldives in October 2017 on my YouTube channel and this is the first impression of my night dive in the house reef of the Vilamendhoo Island Resort, recorded with my waterproof action cam:

I will try to cut & upload the next part of this really very breathtaking night dive as soon as possible and I will add more information about the dive duration, depth etc. in the next post with video part 2. 👍

Kind regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Wirklich sehr interessantes Video von deinem Nachttauchgang.

Really interesting video bro, keep up the great work!

Thank you for the motivation Bro and keep on steeming!

Dear sir @future24.its a great blog..i watch this vedio and it was very interesting.
.i like your blogs.. keep going. i am with you..

Hey, @future24 your photography is so good. You are very good at it.
Thanks for sharing

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I am living vicariously through your posts :-)

You're welcome man and the pleasure is mine :-)

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