Day 2 of 6, Picture Rocks National Lake Shore Hike, August 21st 2019

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Day 2 we woke up to another perfect weather day as it turned out to be everyday of this trip. Could not of planned it better.

We ate breakfast and packed up then headed on down the trail. I generally ate buttered grits and a spam single every morning. I also had a breakfast drink consisting of a Carnation instant breakfast mix (chocolate), hot cocoa, and a Folgers instant coffee packet all mixed into one drink 🙂

Today was filled with tons of cliff views and awesome sights as we hiked to Chapel Beach. I got lots of pictures and several videos. I combined the videos into one to make it easier to post and view. I posted the pictures as a collage 😉

Here are some pictures of the cliffs and some trail sections…


A deer strolled right up to Pete and took a crap in front of him. Pete was in awe lol…

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It really does look like a fascinating place to visit and hike through!

its my second favorite trail in america. first is the eagle crest trail in oregon. ive hiked roughly 10,000 miles in 12 years. and ive done this lake shore twice now :) with you so close you got to go do it. late august is the best time. you need to register your camp sites at least 2 months in advance though.

My hiking skills are not so good these days with my bad back, but there's other ways to enjoy the lake shore there. :-)

i've been trying to post day three but this update stuff with steemit is not letting me.