Sexcoin (SXC): Stamina

in adult •  last year

Making it last...

Whether it comes to cryptocurrencies or it cums to sex, nobody likes a pump-n-dump. It's not fun for anybody and it doesn't leave a good taste. That being said, Sexcoin knows how to go the distance and keep pleasure a priority.

A lot of these cryptos can't last 4 months, but Sexcoin has been pumping strong for the past 4 years. And by the way, it's still hard. Sure, you could get other currencies that seem promising, only to get disappointed when you realize they only wanted one thing. Or, you can enjoy the pleasures of long-lasting, hard-pumping sex...coin. The only crypto designed by and for the adult industry.

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Great feed, I'm on it!
I just may have another baby(coin) by my side ;)


Whatever you do, don't pull out.


sex coin? what do they do different? what makes it standout besides the name?


Gonna have to check my other posts. ;)

you real slick with it lol i like that