ADSactly Records Contest! Sing,Rap,Spoken Word! Powered by ADSactly.

The What.
ADSactly Records is still alive! Lurking waiting for the prime chance to strike!

Previous ADSactly Record Hits.

Okay, Okay, that sounds a little bit intense, but nontheless ADSactly Records is still around and to celebrate it, we have decided to hold a Contest.

The Contest
Simple & Easy.
Step 1 Pick a song or beat from the ADSactly Records List below.

Step 2 Record your own original vocals over that song.

Step 3 Make a post releasing said song using the tag adsactlyrecordscontest.

After that sit back and wait for the end of the contest! After the 7 day payout we will announce the winner.
So what are you waiting for! Get up and Record.....Wait..I forgot to mention the..


We will be only choosing 1 winner, but that lucky winner will get $75.00 in BTC!

Find Us in Here. Discord is a wonderful place to make new friends and learn new things! Come stop by today and say hello!

Here ya go!

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This Contest is a great idea we would like to apologize for the miscommunication between a few of the members of the ADSactly Eco-System. We would like to put our Full Support behind this Contest, however, we believe it would be much better for this post to be redone on the ADSactly Steemit Account and the @sirlunchthehost account should Resteem and comment on that Article instead of this one.

What do you think about that idea @sirlunchthehost

Would a dsound post be acceptable?

Nice! can i participate in spanish?

Comment removed