ADSACTLY Records / STEEMIT NEW Exclusive Single.🎤"BLOCKCHAIN WIZARDRY" by @rondonson - Adsactly Records Label First Listen. Blockchain Based Record Label

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Adsactly Records First Release
Before the Budget Collection Series


Album/EP: From the Block To The Blockchain
Artist: @rondonson
Release Date: September 2017
Adsactly Records President @sirlunchthehost
Adsactly Records Vice President @rondonson

What is Adsactly Records, Exactly?

The Adsactly Records Vision is clear, become a Power House on the Blockchain in music spanning across all genres while dropping original content and music made by steemians and crypto lovers.

But we aren't just about making music, we also will market,promote,advertise and push our artist on the blockchain. Getting them the most exposure that we possibly can.

We aim to get our artist maximum Post Payouts.

Other services include

Unique Music Videos.
Access to the Adsactly Beat Library.
Selling Beats for Crypto
Adsactly Records Rap Challenge brought to you by @rondonson and more.

Extra Info

More Information will be released soon about ARL. If you wish to become an Adsactly Records Artist, reach out to @sirlunchthehost, Adsactly Records President or @rondonson, Vice President via Discord Here or by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

PS - Also need a secretary with great grammar skills and posting abilities. Position needs filling ASAP. Is a weekly paying gig.

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More fiya!

Nice. Keep it up. HighDef.

This is the most outstanding thing I've heard about all week.

I'd love to know more about being an artist with Adsactly Records as well as know more about the Secretary gig. I may have someone perfect for it.


@mikedynamo do you have discord? hit me


Yeah been messing with it all day. I'll send you a msg



good post


check out my track maybe you will like it

interested in taking a part in the movement in any way needed.
Re: Adsactly Records

Written, recorded, mix, and master 100% by Me!!!

nice song woowow

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I can be your secretary