🎤 ADSactly Records STEEMIT Exclusive Single "EXPLORER" by @antminer - AN EDM EXCLUSIVE!

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Track Title: Explorer
Album: Unknown
Produced By: @antminer
Genre: EDM
Adsactly Records

What is ADSactly Records, Exactly?🎤

The ADSactly Records Vision is clear, become a Power House on the Blockchain in music spanning across all genres while dropping original content and music made by steemians and crypto lovers.

But we aren't just about making music, we also will market,promote,advertise and push our artist on the blockchain. Getting them the most exposure that we possibly can.

We aim to get our artist maximum Post Payouts.

Other services include🎤

Unique Music Videos.
Access to the Adsactly Beat Library.
Selling Beats for Crypto
Adsactly Records Rap Challenge brought to you by @rondonson and more.

Genres We Will Cover🎤

Indie/Indie Pop
Chill / Lo Fi
World and Cultural
+Working hard to create new sounds & new waves in music.

Stay tuned for more.


I can hear Chris Breezy on this joint.

Great work I like your sound, if you have time check out my project SPIRITSCIENCE @spacebluesmillz peace,love, and light 🙏🙏🙏🙏

So nice and talented artist :)

Amazing job @antminer , Like this style of music , your kicks and snares quality are great . that synth is also great on it. great job @rondonson for helping musicians \m/

Thank you very much, man. I love your work too ;) Keep up!

this is amazing
thank you !!

Amazing track. Can't wait to hear more from you @antminer !

Thank you very much bunnygirl:*

Big dreams cous, Mansioons :D D

Piccata? Titicaca! I am Cornholio! I need piccata for my bunghole!

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nice post ...i upvoted you plz upvote me??

THIS...I DIG <3 <3

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